Class Skills

Tests & more!

A fun interactive website which can boost a student's knowledge.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Class Skills is a fun interactive website that gives you access to different ways of learning. You can listen to music whilst completing your task so you will be more calm and concentrated.

Math Notebook and Calculator


A task will be set by your teacher. If you're stuck on a question, feel free to move on but make sure to tell your teacher about the question you are stuck so you can get help with it.

Class Skills Premium

If you receive good scores in your learning, you will get access to Premium features such as the music library and more features will be added as the website develops.


How can I get help?

The way you can get help is by emailing our team at It may take up to a week for a reply because we are continuously updating the website and improving the security. You can also ask a trusted member in the Forum for help if you are a registered member on Class Skills.

Why was the help section removed?

The help section was removed due to updated security measures as advised by third party specialists. We did this because your security is our number one priority and we will constantly be updating it to keep our users safe.